EYSC – Among the Signatories in the Frankfurt Workshop



Official Communique

Eritrean opposition in Exile Frankfurt Workshop

The participants of the Frankfurt Workshop “Dialogue of the Eritrean opposition parties and civil society organisation in Exile” Thank the organizers. The meeting served as a platform for exchanging views. The workshop participants encourage any other civil society and political actors to participate in future meetings, discussions and dialogues.

In light of the seriousness of the current situation inside Eritrea and its international ramifications, the participants of the workshop agreed that it is urgently need to further as much as possible the inevitable transition process inside Eritrea.

Among others, the following issues were discussed and agreed upon by the signing organizations,

1. To work together towards a democratic change in Eritrea.
2. To strive for a peaceful solution.
3. To elaborate on legal framework for the transition process and re-establish the rule of law,
4. To separate stat and religion, while the state guarantees the freedom of religion,
5. To put an end to the pervasive practice of militarization,
6. To foster good relations with the neighbouring countries on the basis of reciprocal respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity,
7. To use Arabic and Tigrinya as working languages, in combination with equal rights for all other languages in Eritrea.
8. To agree as a minimum consensus on decentralized political system,
9. To ensure more representation to women and youth,
10. To call for the potentially reform-minded forces inside PFDJ and the military to participate in the dialogue on peaceful transition.

Frankfort, this 14 November 2015 Signed by 

1. ELL, Mahmud Adem
2. ELF, Hassan Ali Asad
3. Al-Nahda, Dr Berhan Idris
4. RSADO, Ismael Gabayta
5. ENSF, Dr. Habte Tesfamariam 
6. EPDP, Woldeyesus Ammar
7. EUDC, Yohannes Asmelash
8. NEW. Dr. Almaz Zerai
9. MEDREK, Andebrhan Welde Giorgis
10. EYSC, Dr. Harnet Bokrezion