Winta Yemane – A Voice of Her Generation

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In this heartwarming interview, Winta Yemane shares that her favorite Eritrean singer is the late Abraham Afeworki and her favorite song – you guessed it – fishkta ameley. Anyone who comes in contact with this gentle but resolved young lady knows she embodies the message of that popular song. Wherever she is, you will find her wearing her trademark smile and speaking on behalf of Eritrea’s voiceless. She feels their pain and you can see her compassion for the victims, the current disappointment and the hope for her country reflected on her face.

Last years, with tears rolling down her face, she screamed on top of her lungs as the crowd of pro-democracy demonstrators in Italy chant after her :

“Basta dittatura!”

“Basta dittatura!”

(Enough dictatorship!)

19 years old Winta belongs to the generation of Eritreans (roughly 50%) who are actually younger than the country itself. She has been actively involved in the movement for democratic change for 3 years now, starting when she was only 16. Even at that tender age, it did not take Winta long to see what unfairness and injustice are. This was not a matter of calculating what it means to giving up the privilege of visiting the home country she loves or being ostracized by her friends who are active in the YPFDJ. As you can hear her describe it in this interview with EYSC Radio, she knows that the martyrs who gave their lives for freedom and justice deserve better.

Born in Italy, she struggles to express herself in Tigrigna, which only makes her loveable personality shine more. As she intermingles her Tigrigna with English and expresses herself thoughtfully; one can easily tell she is indeed very mature for her age, a pride to her supportive parents. Winta believes that the way to bring about the change we seek for our country is through love, respect and education.

Asked why she joined EYSC and why she sometimes fondly calls herself Winta EYSC, she answers that the organization’s stand on Eritrean Solutions for Eritrean Problems and its non-violent means are important to her values.

Winta is an aspiring lawyer and will be starting her studies at the University of Milan this fall. Still, she plans to make room for her activism work as she juggles it with her law studies – love of country knows no bounds.

I am sure we will hear more from this inspiring young lady for years to come.

Good Luck to Wintana!

Enjoy the interview and share your words of encouragement and wisdom.