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ሰንበት 29 መጋቢት 2015 ዓ.ም አብ ከተማ አስመራ ንህዝቢ ንኡሳን ዞባታት ቲራቮሎ፡ ሰምበልን ጸጸራትን አብ ቀጽሪ ኤክስፖ ካብ ሚኒስትሪ ዜና ብዝተወከሉ ብደበሳይ ጊደን ብዝተመርሐት ጉጅለ ህዝባዊ አኼባ ተኻይድሎም። ዳርጋ ኩሉ አብቲ አኼባ ዝተሳተፈ ህዝቢ ዘለዎም መረረ ብምስማዕ ተቓውሞኦም ብቓልዕ አቃሊሖም። ካብቲ ዘቕረብዎ ህዝባዊ ሕቶታት እዞም ዝስዕቡ ክጥቀሱ ይከአል፡

1. ንመንእሰያት ከሲርኩሞም ኢኹም። ኩነታት መንእሰያትና ንምምሕያሽ ምንም ዝተገብረ ወፍሪ የልቦን።
2. ኩነታት ትምህርቲ ባይታ አዝቢጥኩሞ ኢኹም።
3. እቲ ሒዝኩሞ ዘለኹም ስልጣን ነቶም ክሰርሑ ዝኽእሉ አረክብዎም። 
4. ፈቲኩም ጸሊ’እኩም እዚ ሃገራውነት የብሉን እትብልዎ ዘለኹም መንእሰይ እዩ ነዛ ሃገር ክርከባ።
5. ንህዝብና አብ ባህልና ዘይነበረ ሕማቕ ነገራት ስርቂ፡ ሓሶት፡ ብላዕን ክትራንን ኩሉ ኩፉእ ነገራትን ሚሂርኩም። ደርጊ ከማን ዘይገበሮ ነገራት ትገብሩ አለኩም። ሕሉፍ ሓሊፍኩም ነዛ ማይ ብጎሮሮና ከማን ሒዝኩምና።

ሓንቲ ሰበይቲ ካቢ ኮፍ ኢላትሉ ዝነበረት ተንሲአ እዞም ትቋወሙ ዘለኹም ኮነ ኢልኩም ተወዲብኩም ዝመጻኹም ኢኹም ኢላ ንመንግስቲ ክትከላኸል ምስ ፈተነት ኩሉ እቲ አኼበኛ ኮፍ ከብሉዋን መዛረቢ ማክሮፎን ክትምንጠልን ጌሮም።

አብቲ ቦታ አኼባ አዛዚ ፭ይ መደበር ፖሊስ ኔሩ የግዳስ ነቲ ዝቐረበሉ ሕቶታት ክምልስ አይከአለን። ፖሊስ ሓደጋ አጋጢሙ ተጸዊ’ዕኩም አይትመጹን ስለምንታይ ተባሂሉ ምስተሓተተ፤ ማካይንና ነዳዲ የብለንን ካብተን ዘይጠቕማ ደሞዝና ድማ ባዕልና ነዳዲ ክንገብረለን አይንኽእልን ኢና ክብል ተሰሚዑ።

እቲ አኼባ ህዝቢ አብያ’ኡ ዘስምዓሉ አዝዩ ተስፋ ዘስንቕን ዕውቱን ኔሩ ክበሃል ይከአል።

ማዕበል 2015 ካብ ውሽጢ ኤርትራ

On Sunday the 29th of March the administration of Tiravolo, Sembel, and Tsetserat (Asmara) conducted a public seminar at Expo. Mr Debesay Gide and his team from the Ministry of Information held the meeting however much to everyone’s surprise the entire audience showed its defiance during the event. These were the questions and issues openly raised by the public:

1. You failed our youth, you have not invested in them
2. You wrecked Eritrea’s educational system
3. Leave your seats (power) to those who can work and deliver
4. If you like it or not, the constant talk about patriotism will in the end be lead by our youth.
5. You taught our people bad things that were never part of our culture, such as theft, lie, bribe. We witness you doing things we did not even know under Derg. You couldn’t even let us to get water for drink.

When a woman in the audience stood up trying to defend the government claiming that the people who tried to disrupt the meeting were sent to do so, everyone shouted she should sit down and others requested to take the microphone from her.

Representatives of the 5th police station were also present and questions were addressed to them, but remained unanswered. One question referred to road accidents and the absence of the police on after being called. The answer given to the public was that the police cars had no petrol to move. One man was heard to say ‘shall we use our ridiculous wages to buy you some petrol?”

The people of Eritrea continue to show and extend open defiance and in that respect it was a victorious meeting.

Maebel 2015 from Inside Eritrea