PFDJ stop the demolition of houses of Eritrean families !

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Victory to our people showing resistance in Adi Keyh !!

The Higdef regime under the command of dictator Isayas Afewerki has started the unjustified and random demolition of houses of Eritrean families in recent weeks. Around Asmara houses in Tselot and in Daero Paulos were demolished in February, and although numbers cannot be verified, our inside Eritrea contacts suggest that this included about 700 families who are left homeless. Mothers were seen crying while they looked on how bulldozers take their houses down.
A similar inhumane act has been extended in the town of Adi Keyh.

But when the bulldozers started to take down houses, the youth started to attack some of the soldiers to defend their property and protest against this humiliating order by the dictator Isayas Afewerki.

RIP to those who were shot and a quick recovery to the injured. Victory to the people of Adi Keyh and freedom from tyranny of ANY SORT for all Eritreans. May the days of joy and pride come back soon!

(IMAGE: EYSC contacts inside Eritrea sent this picture of demolished houses in Asmara.) PLEASE SHARE WIDELY TO SUPPORT THE DEMAND AND SHOW SOLIDARITY TO THE PEOPLE OF ADI KEYH!